GeekBeat.TV Review: BrydgeAir Keyboard for iPad Air and Air 2

by Nick Smith November 06, 2014


Tablets are great and can be a good way to ditch the laptop when you’re trying to travel light, but there’s one big problem – typing full documents on a screen just isn’t as easy as on a keyboard. Enter the BrydgeAir, a keyboard for iPads that turns your tablet into a easy-to-carry productivity machine. We’ve told you about the Brydge before (we loved it), but that was for the iPad2, 3, or 4 form factor. The BrydgeAir brings that same great usability to the iPad Air and Air 2.


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Nick Smith
Nick Smith


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the Mac Observer - BrydgeAir Keyboard for iPad Air/Air 2: Almost Perfect

by Nick Smith February 23, 2015

Product: BrydgeAir

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Company: Brydge Global

List Price: US$169.00 ($189.00 for gold)


Three models color matched to iPad Air colors, works with iPad Air or Air 2, recessed keys, magnetic sleep/wake, pairing buttons matched to iPad AIr design, matches shape and design of iPad Air, backlit keyboard, stereo speakers, leather, zippered case included.


Keyboard indicator lights could be more explicit, moved to the surface. Speakers not as good as iPad's.

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Macworld - This keyboard case makes your iPad feel like a laptop

by Nick Smith February 02, 2015

The BrydgeAir keyboard is unlike any iPad accessory I’ve used before. With integrated speakers underneath a backlit keyboard with a 180-degree hinge, it makes your iPad feel like a laptop, and that’s the entire point.

In a market of nearly identical iPad keyboards that offer the same core features, Brydge is trying to set itself apart. After spending the last week with its solution for the iPad Air 2, I’d say it does just that.

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"Now, if money is no object in your quest to turn your iPad into a laptop, the $170 BrydgeAir is the best option I came across (and what I plan to purchase myself). It is what I imagine Apple’s own keyboard case would look like—and cost."

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